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Welcome to 13 Maxi Cabs Sydney, your destination for wheelchair-accessible Maxi Taxis.

13 Maxi Cabs are premier cab services in Sydney, supporting customers with physical mobility issues. We help customers traveling to other locations with wheelchairs. Our crew has years of experience and understands physically challenged customers’ struggles in life. We are also well-versed in handling such customers carefully while transporting them from one place to another. 13 Maxi Cabs Sydney owns well-maintained and spacious Maxis equipped with state-of-the-art wheelchair ramps.

The drivers at 13 Maxi Cabs Sydney add to the success. Our drivers are trained, licensed, and experienced in managing physically disabled customers. They handle all customers with care and help them from the start of the journey till the end. Whether boarding, de-boarding the customer, or conversing during travel, our drivers connect with the customer and build a good rapport with them.

13Cabs Wheelchair Taxi Sydney accommodates two wheelchairs. The ramps in the Maxi cabs are operated mechanically or manually as desired by the customer. Customer with physical disability is our priority, and hence we take utmost care. Wheelchair Taxi Sydney is available 24/7, so book your wheelchair taxi by mentioning the type of Maxi Taxi with the number of wheelchairs to transport.


3 Types of Wheelchair Maxi Taxi

13 Maxi Cabs service with Wheelchair Maxi Taxi is a gift for physically disabled people of Sydney. Our services transport people with limited mobility to required locations. As Wheelchairs are considered, there are three types of wheelchairs. Our Wheelchair Maxi Taxi accommodates all types of wheelchairs in Maxi Taxi.

Manually Wheelchair

13 Maxi Cabs provides Maxi Cabs for customers traveling with Manual Wheelchairs. They are boarded into the Maxi cabs with comfort and safety. Lifts or ramps are used to board the customer into the taxi. The wheelchairs are positioned perfectly on securement points. Moreover, belts and straps are used to secure the wheelchair in position during transit. Our trained driver ensures the customer also with seat belts.

Electrical Wheelchair

Electrical wheelchairs arrive in various patterns and sizes. Hence booking a Maxi Taxi that accommodates the size is essential. For loading customers with electric wheelchairs, ramps and lifts are used where the chairs are positioned at secured points. Our cab uses a specialized restraint system to accommodate the chair's complexity and additional weight. Hooks, straps, and belts are used to secure the electric wheelchair to stay in position while traveling. For added safety, the passenger is also connected with seat belts

Automatic Electrical Wheelchair

Loading the passenger with an automatic electrical wheelchair uses a ramp or lift for effortless loading. The automatic electrical Wheelchair is secured with belts, straps, and hooks. The driver takes additional care of the wheelchair and ensures the electronic components are not disturbed.

Our Wheelchair Taxi services serves maxi Taxi for accommodating all types of wheel chairs. Our drivers take complete responsibility in careful loading and unloading of wheel chairs.

Sydney's Accessible Maxi Taxi Connection

For people looking for an accessible Maxi Taxi connection in Sydney, 13 Maxi Cabs Sydney, stands with pride as a premier Cab service. While conversing about Sydney’s Accessible Maxi Taxi Connection, 13 Cabs leaves no stone unturned. Our Maxi Taxis are a perfect choice for individuals with limited mobility. Our Wheelchair Taxi services are capable of transporting more than one wheelchair.

We have a dedicated team with professionally trained drivers to handle and transport physically challenged individuals to work, hospital, school, and other locations. You need not worry about managing the wheelchairs or boarding them into the taxis as our drivers take responsibility. Our Maxi Taxis are available 24/7, and we are always here to help you.

Preferred Option for Disabled Access Taxi Services

Wheelchairs or disabled people find it a hard nut to crack when traveling is considered. In that manner, 13 Maxi Cabs Sydney, eradicates such thought by helping disabled people move around the city with Wheelchair Maxi Taxis. If you’re looking for Disabled Access Taxi Services, 13 Cabs is the right choice.

We own well-maintained and quality Maxi Taxis for comfortable rides. Our Maxi Taxis are uniquely designed to accommodate and fix all types of wheelchairs. With a secured system and safety features, unnecessary injuries are avoided. We assure people’s safety and the best care by choosing 13Cabs for traveling.

Benefits of Wheelchair Taxis

If you suffer mobility challenges and waiting to book convenient and comfortable taxis in Sydney, 13 Cabs stands out of the rest.

Why Choose 13 Maxi Cabs Sydney for Wheelchair Taxi Services?

We top the list as the leading taxi service in Australia, helping customers travel around Sydney. Choose us as

How to Book a Wheelchair Taxi?

There are many convenient options to book a Wheelchair Taxi in 13Cabs. Download and install the 13 cab app. Enter all necessary details such as pick up, drop locations, date, and time for the perfect booking. The other way is by logging into the website and filling in all the necessary travel details. Call 132227 and give all details regarding travel. Providing accurate travel information and requesting specific types of Maxis for loading wheelchairs is suggested.

Payment Methods and Accessibility Considerations

Enjoy effortless and hassle-free payment methods by choosing 13Cabs Maxi Taxis for traveling. Customers have multiple options such as Credit Card, Cash Payment, Cab Charge, EFTPOS, Wheelchair Subsidy Payment (TTSS), and Google Pay or Apple Pay as payment methods. Choose the convenient process and book your trip.


Customers can book Wheelchair Taxis using the 13 Cab app by providing all travel details. The other way is by using the website or by calling 13 2227 to book wheelchair taxis.

Yes, Wheelchair Taxis are available 24/7.

The wheelchair taxis can be pre-booked a week in advance for hassle-free travelling.

Secured points with specialised restraint systems, seat belts and straps are few security features for securing passengers in the maxi Taxis.

Look if the Maxi cab is spacious, comfortable, with security features and a friendly driver.