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Punchbowl Taxi Maxi, The Sydney suburb of Punchbowl is located in the city’s southwestern corner. It sits 17 kilometres west of Sydney’s downtown. There were 20,236 people residing in Punchbowl as of the 2016 census.

It was named after a circular valley in the neighbouring suburb of Belfield known as “the punch bowl,” which is located at the crossroads of Coronation Parade, Cooks River, and Punchbowl Roads. This is the reason why the road is called “Punch Bowl Road” (now Punchbowl Road). George Faulkener opened a watering hole named the Punch and Bowl on Liverpool Road in the 1830s. The title of “Clairville or Punchbowl, in the Parishes of Bankstown In the 1830s, John Stephens was the first person to hold the title of ” St. George,” and then in 1848, John’s son, Sir Alfred Stephens, succeeded his father in holding the title. A train depot was built three kilometres from the literal “punch bowl” in 1909. The area around the station is a popular suburb known as the “Punchbowl.”
Although small in size, the Punchbowl shopping centre is home to a diverse collection of brands. It thrived until the late 1960s when Roselands and Bankstown Square built and the early 1970s when Punchbowl Road was improved, severing it in two. It begins at the Punchbowl subway stop and continues along Punchbowl Road and The Boulevarde. The variety of local businesses and organisations attests to the diversity of its residents. Although the Punchbowl RSL has been located on Punchbowl Road since 2010, it was formerly located on The Boulevarde. Lebanese cuisine is so well-liked in the area that Punchbowl’s culinary walking tours book up months in advance. Some Lebanese candies can be found at shops in the nearby neighbourhood. A fitness centre constructed in 2009 on the site of the former Astoria Theatre, and Canterbury Road and Punchbowl Road serve as the primary access points to the neighbourhood. The Boulevarde and the South Terrace are both major thoroughfares. The Punchbowl stop can be reached through the Bankstown line of the Sydney Trains system. Electricity was first brought to the railway in 1926, although the line itself did not begin operating until 1895. The rail ride to Sydenham takes about 25 minutes, while the trip to Central station takes about 40 minutes.
The Punchbowl Road railroad bridge was built in 1981 to take the place of an older, two-lane bridge. The ancient bridge’s piers and bearings may be seen to the west of the modern bridge. While the new bridge greatly improved traffic flow, it effectively divided the commercial centre in two.

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