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Northern Sydney Taxi Maxi, Northern Suburbs is the huge metropolitan area in New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. The area is described as one of the most affluent suburbs in Sydney. Having lush green huge national
parks, hilly roads, best public transport, and stunning beaches, it is known for its vibrant and liveability. The suburb is a residential area having large bungalow style homes. Northern Suburb abounds with heritage suburbs, a popular zoo and scrumptious food which makes it a perfect
hotspot for outdoor adventures.

13 MaxiCabsOnline provides Taxi/Maxi services in the following Northern Suburbs areas :


13MaxiCabsOnline Airport Taxi Northern SydneyTransfers

13MaxiCabsOnline provides the best airport transportation services in Sydney for multiple services. Our airport transfer services are available 24×7. 13MaxiCabsOnline provides neat and fully sanitized cabs.

We guarantee the lowest prices and the highest quality services. Our professional drivers will make your transfer from / to the airport as comfortable as possible. 13maxicabsonline is the best and the most reliable cabs service and is used by various domestic and international passengers at Sydney Airport. Our aim is to provide comfort, reliability and hassle-free rides at very reasonable rates to our passengers.

13MaxiCabsOnline Wheelchair Taxi Northern Suburb Transfers

13MaxiCabsOnline wheelchair taxi is one of the best choices when looking for safe and trustworthy wheelchair taxi services in Sydney.Our vehicles are designed to accommodate wheelchair users and senior citizens in cabs. We also provide special ergonomic reclining wheelchairs to make your long journey comfortable. Our drivers are fully trained and friendly to assist you in very situation. Hire 13MaxiCabsOnline cabs for hassle-free journey.

13MaxiCabsOnline Baby Seat Northern Suburb Transfers

13MaxiCabsOnline provides child boosters, toddler baby seats & car seats for infants. We assure to give your child a joyful and comfortable ride through our perfectly fitted child and booster seats. All of our cab 13MaxiCabsOnline drivers are well trained and professional in fitting baby seats to our vehicles. You will be relaxed and relieved that your child will travel in safety and comfort. We aim to provide the most efficient baby seat maxi taxi service.

Other Northern Taxi Maxi services provided by 13maxicabsonline are:

Call us at 1300359509 to book your taxi in Northern Sydney
Visit us at 13maxicabsonline.com

  • Luxury taxis available at the most affordable rates in Northern Sydney Suburbs.
  • Maxi cab services available from your Home, Airport, Market to your desired destination.
  • Immediate bookings and reservations.
  • Highly trained professional drivers.
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • Reliable and comfortable taxi service.
  • Different payment modes.


If you have a child under the age of 1 year, you should travel with the car seat, baby seat, booster seat, infant seat, or baby capsule.The best and safest option for children is to use a car seat.

You need a taxi with a baby seat to travel with your child.You can use our website’s online form to submit your information or give us a call at 1300359509 and Request a taxi that is equipped to transport your child safely and securely.

You need a taxi with a baby seat to travel with your child. You can fill out the online form on our site or give us a call at 1300359509 and ask for a taxi that is equipped to carry your little one safely and securely.

Sydney Airport is just 14 minutes away from Sydney city by train. Every 15 minutes, trains run from the suburbs to the airport. To avoid stress and unnecessary delays, choosing a dedicated maxi cab to Sydney airport is the best option.

You can book a 13MaxiCabsOnline taxi by mailing us or calling us at 1300359509. Also, you can search our website on Google, and fill the form to book a taxi.

You can cancel the ride free of cost before our driver arrives at your pickup point. However, ensure that you inform our executive for cancellation.

Our 13MaxiCabsOnline wheelchair taxi can accommodate 3 more co-passengers along with the wheelchair user.

13MaxiCabsOnline wheelchair taxis are designed to be fitted with a ramp or a hydraulic lift. This enables a person sitting in a wheelchair to directly enter the vehicle while sitting on the wheelchair. Our drivers have been trained to ensure that wheelchair user safely enter the vehicle, their wheelchair is secure for travel, and that they safely exit the vehicle at their drop-off point.