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Taxi Maxi Glebe, Glebe is a neighborhood located in the central-western part of Sydney. Glebe is a neighborhood in the Inner West region of Sydney, Australia. It is situated three kilometers (1.9 miles) to the southwest of the central business district of Sydney. Glebe is a part of the local government area of the City of Sydney. In the north, Blackwattle Bay and Rozelle Bay, both of which are inlets of Sydney Harbour, surround the neighborhood of Glebe. In the direction of the east is the suburb of Ultimo, and in the direction of the west are the suburbs of Annandale and Forest Lodge. Both Parramatta Road and Broadway contribute to the formation of the southern boundary. The neighborhood of Broadway can be found along the street of the same name, which runs along the boundary between the neighborhoods of Glebe, Chippendale, and Ultimo. The land on which the neighborhood of Glebe was developed was a glebe that was originally owned by the Anglican Church.Reverend Richard Johnson, who served as the Chaplain of the First Fleet, was the recipient of a land grant in the amount of 162 hectares (400 acres) in the year 1790 from Governor Arthur Phillip. Edmund Blacket, an English architect who had relocated to Australia, made his home in the Glebe neighborhood during the 19th century. In the year 1858, Blacket constructed the family home known as Bidura on Glebe Point Road. A first-grade football team that competed in what was then known as the New South Wales Rugby League and is now known as the National Rugby League was based in Glebe. Since its opening in 1880 until 1948, the Glebe Town Hall, which is now a heritage-listed civic building, served as the location of the seat of the Glebe Municipal Council. Glebe had a total population of 11,680 residents as of the census completed in 2021.

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Different wheelchair-accessible taxis operate in NSW, including 13 Maxi Cabs Online, minibusses, and people movers.
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