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13 Maxi Cabs Sydney

2,4 And 11 Seat Maxi Cabs In Sydney.

Taxi Maxi for Airport Transfers, CBD, All Hotels 24×7 Available Customer Support.

13 Maxi Cabs Sydney | Sydney Taxi Maxi Cab

13 Maxi Cab Sydney is the reliable taxi service in Sydney city. We are always ready to pick you up – 24/7. Our well-mannered professional driver will greet you, open and close cab doors for you and ensure you reach your destination safely. Our driver is willing to ride the extra mile for your comfort and satisfaction.13Cabs Booking Online Now.

13 Maxi Cabs Online Service Sydney

Maxi Cabs Online Sydney is a convenient way to get from the Sydney Airport/Home/Market to your desired destination. You can catch a taxi from chosen taxi ranks unless you have pre-booked one.

Our 13Cabs Online provides you with door-to-door passenger transportation services in Sydney city. Travelling as a group can be really difficult when it comes to transportation from the airport and also enjoying the variety of activities.

Affordable Rates for Booking 1–11 Seater Maxi Taxis in Sydney

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Raceday Transfers

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Parcel Delivery

Package delivery to any location in Sydney. 13 Maxi Cabs offers parcel delivery using the idea of being the go-to provider.

Book Maxi Cabs for Sydney Suburbs, City and Corporates

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Why Choose Our Maxi Cab Service!

Professional Drivers

Easy Payment

Available 24/7



Safe and Reliable


Baby Seat, Wheelchair Access Vehicles, Priority  Pickup At Airport Terminals.


Group Transfers, Party Transfers, Saturday Event& Olympic Park Transfers .


City CBD, Moore Park Camden, Parrmatta, Ryde & More..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Maxi Cabs

How many fit in a MAXI TAXI?

A MAXI TAXI  can accommodate up to 1 – 12  passengers. With its wide interior and comfortable seating, it is an excellent option for group transportation in the city. Whether it’s a family trip, corporate event, or airport transfer, 

How do I book a MAXI TAXI?

Booking a MAXI TAXI with 13maxicabsonline is easy and convenient. You can book through our website by providing your pickup location, destination, date, and time. You may also make a reservation for a MAXI TAXI customised to your unique needs in Sydney by phoning our customer care hotline, where their helpful personnel will assist you.

What is the difference between a taxi and MAXI TAXI?

A standard taxi and a MAXI TAXI vary mainly in their seating capacity. A MAXI TAXI is designed to handle bigger passengers, often up to 12 passengers, whereas a normal taxi can typically hold up to four passengers. In Sydney, 13MAXICABSONLINE are the best option for events, airport transfers, and activities where more people need to travel together since they provide greater room, comfort, and convenience.

How much luggage can I fit into a MAXI TAXI?

A MAXI TAXI can often accommodate a more amount of luggage. MAXI TAXIs are made to fit between 10 and 12 standard-sized bags, while the precise number may change based on the size and kind of luggage. It is best to let 13maxicabsonline know in advance if you have larger luggage so they can make sure to meet your individual demands and offer a relaxing and roomy transit experience.

How to book Maxi cab in advance?

Visit Our website or call their customer service hotline to make an advance Maxi cab reservation with 13maxicabsonline. Simply provide your desired date, time, and location for pickup, as well as the number of passengers. 13maxicabsonline will assist you in reserving a Maxi cab, ensuring a hassle-free and reliable transportation service for your planned event or outing in Sydney.

Are 13 Maxi Cabs wheelchairs accessible?

Yes, Maxi cabs are wheelchair accessible with ramps equipped to accommodate passengers with disability.

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Sydney Airport Transfers

Looking for Sydney Airport Transfer? 13 Maxi Cabs Offers Best Service To All In/Around Sydney Suburbs. 13 Maxi Cab Services With 1 To 11 Seater. Spacious And Clean Maxis. We offer transfer for Suburbs to the city. hotel, airport, etc. Book Your Maxi Cab Now Sydney.

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